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An M.I.A. US soldier nicknamed White Ghost lives in hiding in the jungles of communist Vietnam. The US army finds out about him and sends a black ops team to rescue him. However, the team is lead by a man who wants White Ghost dead.
Although I haven&#39;t seen every Vietnam war-movie in the world yet, this does rank a bit above average, based on pure entertainment-value alone. <br/><br/>I was fortunate enough to find this non-classic movie on a fairly cheap Scandinavian DVD-release, and immediately had to buy it (based on other good experiences with movies starring William Katt, Wayne Crawford and Reb Brown), and when I finally decided to see it - after three years of sitting on the shelf - I wasn&#39;t disappointed one bit. <br/><br/>The story is somewhat as follows: When the American soldiers went home from Viet Nam (that&#39;s how they spell it) in 1969, not everyone got out in time. The highly skilled soldier Steve Shepard aka &quot;White Ghost&quot; (William Katt) has lived out in the jungle for 15 years, and has even made a nice tree-house for himself and his Asian girlfriend Thi (Rosalind Chao), who is pregnant with his child. After all this time, the Americans discover that he&#39;s still out there, and decide to send out a team of mercenaries to finally rescue him and learn what he knows from his stay in the jungle for all those years - he had gathered a large amount of dead American soldier&#39;s dog-tags, and now their families will finally know what happened to their missing relatives. <br/><br/>But something goes wrong, and the commanding officer Major Cross (Reb Brown) unfortunately sends off a team led by a grudge-holding scumbag, Captain Walker (Wayne Crawford), who doesn&#39;t intend to get Shepard back alive. Now it is up to Cross to get him out of there himself, and up to Shepard to both keep himself and his girlfriend alive, not only from the evil gang of mercenaries, but also from the equally evil Vietnamese soldiers who are right on their tails.<br/><br/>Now, this movie is really fantastic, it keeps your interest from the very first frame, and has enough interesting ideas and scenes to never let up. The violence isn&#39;t as extreme like the other reviewers suggested, but sufficient to keep both action- and gore-hounds satisfied. Lots of shooting, explosions, and even a car-chase in the jungle is always nice! <br/><br/>Bonus: One of the bad guys look eerily like Jesse Ventura (as he did in &quot;Predator&quot;), pretty sure his name&#39;s Karl Johnson, but not 100% certain. Also, there were many cool boobie-traps in the jungle, just like in &quot;First Blood&quot;.<br/><br/>Recommended only for those who either enjoy all sorts of Vietnam war-movies, or just for those who like extreme action-scenes.. which, actually becomes quite humorous, especially when watching it with friends.
SPOILER WARNING this is a cheap and very violent film . I&#39;ve only seen it once….and i actually own this on VHS…..and trust me, this won&#39;t be ever released on DVD……it&#39;s just awful. Imagine this as the worst Rambo imitation you&#39;ll ever see. the title character is supposed to contain the souls of all the dead u.s soldiers in the vietnam war(!)still want to know more about this??? the pentagon gives orders to kill him and all you see during the movie is blood and suffering, and that&#39;s it…….. it&#39;s very unpleasant to watch this………although i keep the copy in my video collection * out of 5

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