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Bulldog Drummond goes up against foreign agents trying to steal plans for a top-secret aircraft.
This British Bulldog Drummond movie was made at the same time Paramount was producing their series back in the States. I've heard that it's also the movie that's most faithful to the Drummond books. Having read none of the books, I can't say one way or the other if that's true. But if this movie is indicative of what the books are like, I think I'll pass on trying them out. This is future politician John Lodge's only Bulldog Drummond film. He was one of three actors to play the character in 1937 alone. The other two, Ray Milland and John Howard, would play the character over at Paramount. Of the three, Lodge is the most colorless and dull. The story in this one has Hugh 'Bulldog' Drummond fighting foreign agents who kidnap an inventor. As with most of the British films I've seen from the '30s, this movie is pretty stiff. There's some playful banter between Lodge and Dorothy Mackaill, for example, but it's hurt by the dry matter-of-fact delivery. No charm or sexiness to it at all. The same can be said of the humor and action – it's all just very blah. Claud Allister's Algy is highly annoying. Look out for Victory Jory's unintentionally funny death scene. Fans of Bulldog Drummond or the American movies might want to try it out for comparison's sake but I can't think of a reason to recommend it to anyone else.
Kalinsky (Hugh Miller) is a mysterious financier who makes war a profitable business, and he means to get his hands on a secret war plane. He&#39;s formed an alliance with the villainous Gregoroff (Victor Jory), and they have kidnapped the plane&#39;s inventor Caldwell (Richard Bird). Captain Hugh Drummond (John Lodge) brings himself into the case after double agent Miss Thompson (Dorothy Mackaill) attempts to slip him a mickey, but she&#39;s no match for the perceptive Drummond who instinctively spills his tea and invites himself along for the ride when she makes her way to hook up with the bad guys.<br/><br/>This is one film you&#39;ll have to pay attention to, especially if you&#39;re not familiar with the Drummond series, which I&#39;m not (yet). The Captain&#39;s sidekick Algy (Claud Allister) shows up when the boss calls, though his presence here is more in the way of comic relief. It was a bit disconcerting that one of Algy&#39;s notable quirks is drinking straight alcohol! It seemed rather strange to me that he disappeared before the story ended with no explanation, maybe he just got bored.<br/><br/>The one sit up and take notice scene proves just how dastardly Victor Jory&#39;s character could be. Near the end of the story as he readies his escape, he&#39;s confronted by Miss Thompson, and he belts her one right in the kisser - not a way to treat a lady! <br/><br/>When the &quot;secret&quot; plane was finally revealed, hijacked by the sinister Gregoroff, I had to laugh because for all it&#39;s secrecy, it was just your run of the mill era bi-plane. But then we get the real scoop, as inventor Caldwell reveals the true secret. The plane can be controlled from the ground, and as Caldwell freezes the plane&#39;s controls, Gregoroff goes down in a blaze of glory.<br/><br/>The only other Drummond film I&#39;ve seen is &quot;Bulldog Drummond Escapes&quot;, also from 1937. In that film&#39;s finale, he&#39;s planning to run off to get married with the film&#39;s heroine portrayed by Heather Angel. Ever the lady&#39;s man, Drummond&#39;s doing the same thing here!

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